In the Field

Hays PureWater with Shape International

We love getting updates from around the globe on how people are using Hays PureWater and how lives are being changed. We recently got this awesome update from Shape International out of Wake Forest, NC:

SHAPE International has been using your water purification systems in Burundi, Africa for many years! We train the women to clean the water for their family and they also sell the water as a business.
We are working with an organization from Denmark that is building water tanks in the poorest areas of Burundi. They are using the water units to disinfect water from the tanks. There are also many villages in the area where they collect water from lakes and streams that are contaminated by bacteria and parasites.
We train women to use the puride as a disinfectant for the water collected from these sources. Cholera and intestinal parasites are common among the population. Part of our training program includes training in basic hygiene. Our partner is distributing soap to local schools as well and they are building a soap factory where woman can make soap and sell in the local market. There is still a large percentage of the rural population that we need to train and equip, but the successes of the areas where we have been working helps spread the word.

We are proud to be a part of Shape and what they are doing. You can find out more about Shape International on their official website.

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