Tanzania, Africa

Bringing clean water to a leper colony

While John Hays, PWFA founder, was in Tanzania working on providing clean drinking water to rural communities, a local man asked if he could show him something important. The man took John to a very large field that had small piles of hay dotting the field as far as the eye could see. John, an Iowa native, couldn't figure out the significance of what he was seeing. The man then proceeded to explain to him that each one of the hay mounds marked a grave site, where a child was buried. The cause of death, drinking diseased, contaminated water. Overcome with grief and pained by the large number of graves, John immediately started on getting units to work in the area, treating and cleaning up the local water supplies. A short time later, reports started coming out of the same region. There was great joy in the knowledge that since the installation of the water systems, John learned that there had been no new hay mounds added to the field. 

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